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Nevidio Canyoning

Activity code: 00000164
Ċ½abljak , Northern region, Montenegro

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Canyoning is sliding down through the riverbed. On this tour you will walk down the waterfalls with ropes, rock climb, crawl through the cracks, dive, jump into the pool filled with water.. Depending on the severity and exposure, we use toggles for insurance when alighting. The most attractive in Montenegro is certainly Nevidio on Durmitor. Canyoning can be enjoyed by everyone, nevertheless, it is important to be healthy, to be a swimmer and use our professional guide. Passing through the canyon lasts about 3 hours on average. It is important to save the strength to the exit of the canyon because there is a forty-five minutes long rise to the main road which is not so easy to climb. Mostly all the jumps can be avoided with detour paths.

Upon meeting you'll need to fill in the list of participants: First name, last name, ID card / passport for insurance.Each participant signes a statement of responsibility.

In our twenty minute drive to Nevidio we cross plateau Jezerska, while on the right side we have Durmitor and its peaks Savin kuk and Sljeme. We pass through the tunnel “Ivica” which is 2.2 km long. During the trip we make a short break in the restaurant Izvor, where participants choose lunch, so waiting for food after the completed activities is shortened. Arrival to the canyon.

Entering the canyon
Shortly before reaching the final destination, we are passing next to the periodic, seventy meters high waterfall Skakavica which is active in the spring and after heavy rains. In front of us there is a beautiful valley of the Komarnica village. When we arrive at the canyon, we are dressing the equipment, and have a brief overview of everything that should be taken care of in the canyon as well as how to behave properly in it.

Through the canyon you follow a guide who is there to assist you in all technically demanding details.The first half of the passing is easier, with few jumps and minor details. This is kind of a preparation for what follows. Halfway the canyon we have a rest and we renew the energy with chocolate.
In the second half, the canyon becomes more difficult, and therefore more interesting with great details that follow one after another. Jumps become more frequent and larger. During the whole trip guides make photographs of the group and record jumps.

Leaving the canyon

The canyon is overcome. Once we are out of the canyon, we have some time to rest with sweet refreshments, we remove unnecessary equipment and prepare for the following ascent so the group can be returned to the place of departure. In our way back to the camp (start) we are passing through the ruins of the monastery which dates from XI century.

Return to camp
Lunch at restaurant. We took off our gear, changed into dry clothes and we arrive at the restaurant where we have ready lunch. During lunch, guides transfer photos and videos on a DVD.

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Select a date, enter the number of people and make a reservation.
Price list
Persons Rate
2 0,00 $
3 0,00 $
4 0,00 $
6 0,00 $
8 0,00 $
10 0,00 $
15 0,00 $
Discounts %
Child discount 10 %
Additional informations
Start time & notes Starting time as agreed. Usually around 9-10 am and returning time is around 5 pm. Reservation of the activity is 10% of the total cost and the rest can be paid on the spot in cash.
Includes • all the necessary equipment • water shoes (Soprass), neoprene wet suits (SopressSub), helmet (Hikosport) • climbing harness (Singing rock) • transports to the river and back • licensed guide • insurance policy • CD with pictures for each group • transfer to the canyon and back • lunch
To take • Sport outifit • Identety card/passport • Swimsuit • Spare clothes • Sunscreen • Cap / scarf / hat • Towel • Drinks • Sunglasses (if possible provide them with a head strap) • Clothes and shoes for water sports if you own such
Minimum age 14
Maximum age 70
Experience Intermediate
Heath condition Proper health and minimum condition required
Suitable for people with disabilities NO
Minimum number of person per term 2
Maximum number of person per term 15
Watching point YES
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