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Paintball Adventure at Rizvan city

Activity code: 00000077
Rizvan City, Gorski Kotar & Lika, Croatia

0 Reviews Paintball Adventure at Rizvan city

Painball Adventure

Paintball is one of the most "extreme" sports in the world, played by millions men and women of all ages and life styles. While trying to perform a task, eliminate the players of the opposing team by hitting them with balls of paint fired from a paintball gun. Thinking, determination, and quick reaction are needed for victory. Paintball adventure can be experienced at our attractive grounds, which are the best in Croatia.

Special Adrenalin bomb are the trenches of the WWII, transmitting part of the atmosphere of the past. Capturing the flag, and an attack on a military base are just some of the scenarios that raises players adrenaline to heaven.

First scenario:
Winning the central flag - the scenario is played on the polygon size approximately 50 x 100 m, in the middle of the polygon is a flag. Players start the game from bases that are located at the extreme sides of the polygon, the goal of each team is to take the flag and bring it into the opponent's base, the average time of a "game" is about 10 minutes, then the teams switch sides.

Another scenario:
Winning the military base - scenario is played on the field, which consists of two mountain forest and its environs. On a plateau is a military base (trenches of WWII, inquests tower, bridges, commander's house ...). One team aim is to defend the base while the second team aim is to win it. The base is won when either player from the attacking team enters the commander's house. This scenario is very interesting because the defensive players do not need to be in the fort while defending, they can be anywhere in the forest. On average, this scenario plays up to 30 minutes depending on the tactics and skill of the players.

Paintball Adventure at Rizvan city Paintball Adventure at Rizvan city Paintball Adventure at Rizvan city Paintball Adventure at Rizvan city Paintball Adventure at Rizvan city
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Additional informations
Start time & notes From 8:30 AM in Rizvan City. Booking is in addition of 25% of full amount, the rest you can pay at sight or before the trip at the agency.
Includes • guide • safety measures • paintball mask • paintball outfit • paintball gun + gas (oxygen) • 100 paintballs • paintball terrain
To take • sporty outfit
Minimum age 10
Maximum age
Experience Irrelevant
Heath condition Proper health and minimum condition required
Suitable for people with disabilities NO
Minimum number of person per term 2
Maximum number of person per term 50
Watching point YES
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