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Privacy statement

Employing a website or mobile Application SportTourism unfortunately involves unavoidable collecting of certain personal information of a Client, such as his or her name and surname, home/business address, e-mail address, date of birth and alike. The aforementioned personal information needs to be collected in the process of ordering a service that is to be provided. Namely, if all mandatory fields related to personal information are not filled in during the process of ordering, it will not be possible to buy or to make a reservation for the desired service, as there will be no voucher issued for it.

Thus, it has to be emphasized that a company LITTERA L.L.C. shall collect personal information of the Client only during the process of purchasing or making the reservation for the requested service, and that with a view to making communication with the Client at a later stage easier, especially should there be any changes. The mentioned information is stored in data bases of the company LITTERA L.L.C. and serves exclusively for its internal use. The customer has the right to delete or modify personal data at any time. The company LITTERA L.L.C. guarantees herewith that personal information of the Client shall neither be placed at disposal nor made available to third parties for any reason especially marketing purposes other than its Partners without a prior written and explicit consent of the Client. However, company LITTERA L.L.C. will be obliged to provide such information upon an order issued by competent authorities.

It is generally considered that, by having registered yourself to the website or on mobile Application SportTourism through your user account, you have read the content of the said Privacy Statement.  

The website may also provide links to third-party websites which are not maintained by the company LITTERA L.L.C. Thus, the company LITTERA L.L.C. shall neither assume liability for the content of these third-party sites nor for their privacy practices. The personal information the Client chooses to provide to or that is collected by these third parties is not covered by this Privacy Statement.


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We are providing you the opportunity to choose from an array of various activities at very good prices! Try and gain the maximum possible satisfaction!

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Satisfied clients are our greatest asset. We are offering you quality activities led by expert teams. All you have to do is relax and feel the fun!

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You can select your preferred language from the ones we offer. All our partners providing you with numerous activities speak several languages. Check your next one!

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