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How to make a reservation

How to make a reservation

Searching the right activity is perfect getaway from your daily obligations! Here you can find all the activities you need for your active holidays and weekend trips. No matter if you are a beginner or experienced sports activity user, whether you do not have any physical condition, or you are in a perfect physical condition and health stage, we have all the activities you need.

Use our powerful search engine on the left side of the web site. Choose a Country and the Region for the activity you want. Then choose type of the activity you want to participate in. Now you can choose the period that suits your free time.

Once you have searched the activity you want to participate in, you can now see all the information about the chosen activity. We provide you tips what you should take with you, our pricelist, guest review, a map of the exact location, and many more...

If you are satisfied with our offer, you are free to proceed the booking process. You can book the activity you choosed, just following the booking form.

Registration/Login and Booking

If you are already a registred member of, you are a lucky person, because now, you can enter your account details and proceed to the booking payment.

If you are not a member of already, follow our form and enter your account details, wich we will keep confidential.

Reservation advance payments

After you have passed the booking procedure, now you need to pay the reservation advance ammount. It is the ammount in addition of 5-30% of total ammount and it is different for each activity. This payment ensures your reservation, and makes sure that our offer will be preformed at maximum quality level.

Congratulations, you have now become a member of community and enetered a stress free zone!


Reasons for choosing us

Great prices, Max. satisfaction
We are providing you the opportunity to choose from an array of various activities at very good prices! Try and gain the maximum possible satisfaction!

Maximum choice
Fast. Far. Deep. High. This is our motto. Choose among numerous of activities, and be ready for new experiences at any time.

Satisfied clients
Satisfied clients are our greatest asset. We are offering you quality activities led by expert teams. All you have to do is relax and feel the fun!

Multilingual interface
You can select your preferred language from the ones we offer. All our partners providing you with numerous activities speak several languages. Check your next one!

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