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Advertise with us

Advertise with us

As a trailblazer in sports activity booking industry in Croatia, operates a great number of customers. With many online sports and recreational activities worldwide, connects sports and recreational activity providers with customers who seek new fun experiences customized by their own experience levels.

Amongst our audience there are in general, active recreational sportspeople, who tend to spend more money than average online customers and who also possess higher levels of computer and Internet techincal literacy. This makes us a valuable target for a great number of advertising brands.

What we offer is advertising in all formats, with a wide range of targeting options, customized media plans, integration opportunities and a sales team ready to assist you.

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Reasons for choosing us

Great prices, Max. satisfaction
We are providing you the opportunity to choose from an array of various activities at very good prices! Try and gain the maximum possible satisfaction!

Maximum choice
Fast. Far. Deep. High. This is our motto. Choose among numerous of activities, and be ready for new experiences at any time.

Satisfied clients
Satisfied clients are our greatest asset. We are offering you quality activities led by expert teams. All you have to do is relax and feel the fun!

Multilingual interface
You can select your preferred language from the ones we offer. All our partners providing you with numerous activities speak several languages. Check your next one!

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