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SportTourism on Pioneers Unplugged in Osijek

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Josip Bolkovic, co-founder of the startup SportTourism, compared this project with for sport activities. Tourists often do not know what activities are offered in the area of the place where they stayed, what is the price of the activity, where the activities are located, and this project sees the answer in a mobile application that locates the user and displays them current offer. Activities can be booked immediately in this way, and there are reviews of other users, offering additional information. A business plan mostly refers to the percentage of the transaction, so it comes about B2C and B2B approach. SportTourism one of the startup incubator located in Zagreb entrepreneurship incubation - ZIP. - January 2014

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Jutarnji list January 2014

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Press Releases 2013

Glas Istre - June 2013

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Yachtingblue - January 2013

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One of the first world magazines who recognized as a good project is Yachting blue. Yachting blue is one of the leading German Travel & Yachting magazines. It is the magazine for the people who feel good on the water, so we gave them a notice that we were born on the water :) - January 2013

Press release reported thousands of new web projects for the contest for the best websites and mobile applications Vidi Web Top 100 2012. Companies and individuals from the Croatian and the region have signed to this contest to prove that they are capable of responding to the challenges of global web industry. One of the oldest web competitions in Europe, which was promoted by many, now famous and successful websites, for the 14-th time selected the top 100 websites and 10 websites out of the region, who proudly took the prestigious VIDI WEB TOP 100 - Best web award!

Approximately 40 representatives from as many as 30 media companies and organizations from the Croatia and region chose which webs and mobile Web applications have reached Vidi Web Top 100 and thus complemented the largest Croatian on-line directory of websites in which has been signed more than 33,000 web pages in the last 14 years.

From 4446 applicants of websites and mobile applications this year, 1288 of them have been nominated in the finals because they meet the technical and content requirements that characterize modern websites. This year, the Expert Council is composed of 20 professionals, recommended by Web
::Strategy. They raised the bar in order to respect the latest global trends in the production of web services and applications. As a result, we have seen a good and quality content of the web sites and application and also an innovative and intuitive concept combined with good and functional design. won Vidi Web Top 10 2012 in the category of Tourism and Travel. We are grateful to the organizers of the Contest - and professional jury, and all of those who have participated in this project.

Here you can see a short video with all the winners of this years Vidi Web Top 100 and feel the atmosphere that leads to the decision of the winners.


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