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Rizvan City Adrenalin park

Activity code: 00000072
Rizvan City, Gorski Kotar & Lika, Croatia

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Adrenalin park & Climbing wall & Zip line

The most popular team building activity in the world. Adrenalin Park is a polygon that consists of several exercises (elements) taken from alpinism that are hosted on wires stretched between the trees in the forest at a height of 2 to 8 meters.

Participants were provided with the necessary safety equipment (harness and helmet), and the double bond is coupled to a security cable which is above all the exercises so that everything is completely safe.

All exercises are performed under the supervision of instructors who are professionals and members of the Mountain Rescue Service.

Some of the exercises that you will pass are suspension bridge, crossing over one cable, crossing the hanging strip, across the cable with the help of hanging ropes and so on. The exercises will end with a spectacular drive by wire and pulleys.

The aim of these exercises is to overcome fear, exercise balance, motor skills and concentration, increased self-confidence of the individual, the development and increase stamina and physical fitness, increase group spirit and motivation, develop leadership skills, and ultimately allows children and adults to experience a sense of adventure. It is very entertaining and completely safe and is intended for children of 10 years and the upper limit depends only on you.

Among other things, company employees will learn something about the acceptance of risk, its limits will certainly move, to tolerate risk and to act under pressure, to give or receive assistance of other people at particular risk, and how work with others can help you more than you could imagine.

The program is also designed for school groups. Exercise will increase the students' confidence and will help the homogenization of classes with the help of joint participation in this adventure. Students build and strengthen friendships and develop leadership skills.

Of course for families and individuals adrenaline park  would remain in memory.The way that they explored and overcome their fears and discover their source of courage. These activities encourage openness and increase family cohesion.

Climbing wall

Rock climbing is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. In Rizvan City centre we built a 10 m high climbing wall measuring approximately 50m2, which is tailored to everyone, to those who have never climbed and for experienced climbers also.

We invite you to try climbing. Our instructors will explain the basics of climbing and  be with you when you push your limits.

Zip line

In Rizvan City center you can drive attached to a 150m wire cable. Starting off from a cliff, and riding through the trees, across the field you will experience a rush of adrenaline.

Rizvan City Adrenalin park Rizvan City Adrenalin park Rizvan City Adrenalin park Rizvan City Adrenalin park Rizvan City Adrenalin park Rizvan City Adrenalin park Rizvan City Adrenalin park Rizvan City Adrenalin park Rizvan City Adrenalin park Rizvan City Adrenalin park Rizvan City Adrenalin park Rizvan City Adrenalin park Rizvan City Adrenalin park Rizvan City Adrenalin park Rizvan City Adrenalin park
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Start time & notes From 8:30 AM in Rizvan City. Booking is in addition of 25% of full amount, the rest you can pay at sight or before the trip at the agency.
Includes • professional guide/instructor • safety measures • safety belt • helmet • rope • pulley
To take • sporty outfit
Minimum age 10
Maximum age
Experience Irrelevant
Heath condition Proper health and minimum condition required
Suitable for people with disabilities NO
Minimum number of person per term 1
Maximum number of person per term 50
Watching point YES
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